Welcome to Dead Game The Movie!

SHELBY, a normal nineteen-year-old with fantasies of being a hip and slick goth girl, simply cannot measure up physically or mentally to the DARK STUDENTS she admires. NINA, a trailer blonde, is her one friend, enjoying Shelby’s company as long as Shelby provides the drugs. One ordinary day, Shelby finds an old wooden box with a pretty amulet. She soon learns the box is an occult game, hosted by the spirit, KAHLDIR.

The amulet belongs to VICTOR, incarnation of evil. Without the amulet, he will lose the game, and die. Victor manically searches for the amulet. Discovering that Shelby took it, Victor kills her. As Shelby’s GHOST emerges from her dead corpse, Nina re-enters. Kahldir tells Shelby’s ghost to enter Nina’s body. It is time for her to play the game.

Shelby is excited, in a way, to be able to live life again — inside gorgeous Nina, and, as an added bonus, her hunky boyfriend, PETER. The game is afoot, and through a series of wild events, Victor’s true identity is revealed. Shelby faces the many challenges the game presents her. Shelby and Victor meet at last for a final showdown.

The final game of cat and mouse is thrilling. Who will win?